K9 Services

Security requirements have grown in scale and necessity across the globe. As technologies change, law enforcement and government agencies, public corporations, and private organizations must evolve to stay in front of those who seek to do harm. Highly trained and certified canines led by professional handlers address many of these concerns.

Future Path Co. offers K9 Services and detection teams provide specialized skills to bolster public safety and security programs. From keeping our troops safe overseas, securing large-scale venues and events, and providing safe public transportation options, to creating faster, more accurate cargo screening solutions, K9 teams are valuable and cost-effective additions to security operations.

Future Path Co. offers turn-key program management solutions to supplement government agencies and multinational corporations in high risk and complex environments across the globe. We specialize in expedited mobilization of explosive and narcotics detection, patrol, and dual/multi-purpose K9 teams for government, law enforcement and private entities. We are known for our reputation of integrity in business practices, accurate and timely delivery of services, and excellence in quality and performance. Our elevated experience, professionalism and consistent services will exceed your expectations and, more importantly, help you maintain a safe and secure environment.

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Mission Statement

Future Path Co. highly skilled and trained agents provide protection for corporate leaders and their workforces, famous entertainers, athletes, royal families and diplomats. Our services range from providing an executive driver on a one-time basis to developing long-term, comprehensive personal protection service programs for entire groups.

Vission Statement

Future Path Co. To be a distinction in Security Guards , Military Equipment and Working Dogs (K9) Services as a leading company in this field. We are working in a professional to provide highest standards of quality for our customers and support the safety and security needs.