Welcome to Future Path Co.

An Iraqi security company licensed by the competent authorities to provide its services in the field of security protection for companies and civil institutions and the protection of personalities possess security forces specialized in the field of guarding and defense and control of any attack or accident because it trained on the hands of foreign and local and cadres in this area and security personnel

Trained to efficiently carry out all insurance procedures and operations, as well as armored vehicles, sophisticated weapons, the latest sonar devices and experts in dismantling IEDs, especially police dogs, and their important role in the main gates of important installations, buildings and institutions.

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Mission Statement

Future Path Co. highly skilled and trained agents provide protection for corporate leaders and their workforces, famous entertainers, athletes, royal families and diplomats. Our services range from providing an executive driver on a one-time basis to developing long-term, comprehensive personal protection service programs for entire groups.

Vission Statement

Future Path Co. To be a distinction in Security Guards , Military Equipment and Working Dogs (K9) Services as a leading company in this field. We are working in a professional to provide highest standards of quality for our customers and support the safety and security needs.